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We're more than just a boat rental company; we're the custodians of the dreams of those who long to sail the seas and embrace the endless blue. With a fleet of first-class vessels and impeccable service, Zefiro Charter is committed to turning dreams into reality, offering unparalleled sailing experiences.

Let the wind guide you to enchanting destinations as we accompany you on this journey with professionalism, passion, and dedication.

Welcome aboard Zefiro Charter, where every voyage is an opportunity to hoist the sails of dreams and sail towards new horizons.

Private Boat Tours

Private Boat Tours

Imagine cruising along the Amalfi Coast aboard exclusive vessels or taking a plunge into the crystalline waters of Capri, letting yourself be captivated by the wild beauty of the stunning cliffs plunging into the sea, discovering the enchantment of the picturesque colorful villages dotted along the coast. Our private tours will give you a divine experience.

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Start From 900.00 €

Capri Tour

Step aboard our exclusive boats and let yourself be guided by one of our experienced skippers on a delightful journey through the wonders of the island of Capri. During this private tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore hidden coves...

  • Duration 7 hours
  • Max People 10
Capri Tour
Start From 950.00 €

Amalfi Coast Tour

Explore the majestic beauty of the Amalfi Coast with a private tour along its world-famous shores renowned for their beauty and uniqueness.

With our private tour, you'll have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking views of Positano, Amalfi, and Praiano...

  • Duration 7 hours
  • Max People 10
Amalfi Coast Tour

Sea Transfers

Reach your destination in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno

Point us to your favorite destination, and we'll be delighted to accompany you aboard our elegant and comfortable vessels. You'll reach your destination in total comfort, free from the stress and worries of traffic, while enjoying a breathtaking panorama.

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Sea Transfers
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